It's Time To Ignite Your Inner Savant.

 Let’s be honest…regardless of your “title” in life, following your dreams can be messy.

Owning your unique brilliance (AKA superpowers) in a world that constantly wants to put you into a “category” is scary and hard.

Lady Savant Society is a movement of women who are owning up to that brilliance that lives within each and every one of us.

...and, we created The Savant School for any woman who wants to learn how to ignite her INNER SAVANT and discover how to use her own superpowers so that she can consciously create a life she LOVES.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you 

-Maya Angelou



Find Your Superpowers & MANIFEST
Anything You Want

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The Savant School?

The Savant School is for you if you want to learn how to create success on purpose by growing  from the inside out so that you can leverage your own unique superpowers and seriously succeed in all areas of  life. The Savant School offers mindfulness and business trainings to create the life you love.

Our ideal members fall into one of these categories :

The Entrepreneur

If you are a creative, action oriented individual who sells a product, service, online or offline and you want to learn how to develop an online presence, market your business and you want to connect with other mindful influencers.  This is for you.  It is perfect for coaches, consultants or experts.

The Transitioner

If you stepped out of the career lane to raise a family The Savant School will help you stay connected and relevant to what’s going on.  You will learn how to keep yourself cutting edge by exploring, learning and connecting with others.

If you’ve raised a family or are going through any other transitions, you will be re-inspired to find and fulfill your purpose.



Corporate Professional

If you are a corporate professional looking to up-level in your career from the inside out, the Lady Savant Method is perfect for you. If you are looking to connect and mastermind with other women who are corporate influencers and are driven to succeed, then you should apply to The Secret Savant Society which is perfect for women in C-level positions.



The Philanthropist

Running a non-profit is very similar to running a for profit business.  If you are a philanthropist who wants to learn how to create more impact with your organization by leveraging your online presence and if you want to connect with other influencers who are mindful and love to give back and get involved, you will love The Savant School.






What is The Savant School exactly?

The Savant School is a conscious collective of knowledge, resources and an amazing community of women who are taking inspired action to live the life we truly want.

Our tools and resources come in the form of monthly interactive video trainings, made-for-you templates, hands on exercises and more.  You can expect to find:

  • Our Lady Savant Method  is our signature 12 key mindfulness/personal development system.  It is a system and gateway for high achievers to walk into the full-dimensionality of being a woman who owns and uses her superpowers to create a miraculous life she loves.
  • Our Behind The Scenes With The Coach classes feature different experts/coaches who teach you how to solve real life business and life problems.
  • Our Resource Library  includes lifestyle modules and workshops that will help you elevate your business and create a lifestyle you love.

How Does The Savant School Work?

There are 12 keys in The Lady Savant Method.  One key is released every month and it consists of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates and resource lists. All of the training is online, contained in the private Savant School members lounge.

Every month we also release our “Behind The Scenes With The Coach” series which consists of top coaches taking us behind the scenes of their clients problems/issues and they teach us how to solve these issues with real hard core strategies.

The Savant School enrollment is now closed but get on the VIP list below and we will notify you as soon as enrollment opens and you will also get a little gift.