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Hello gorgeous! You're on a conscious journey to building a business and life you love. We're here to help you make the magic happen. This web site is dedicated to giving you tools, answers, inspiration and ideas to reaching your goals. -xoxo Mariel & Brandyn

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If you're a woman with hustle looking to discover your gifts and talents, this blog post will help you tap into your superpowers (you've probably been ignoring)

In this post you will learn how to tap into 13 superpowers we all have (but most women never bother developing) so that you can build a gorgeous life and business. 


Why should you tap into your superpowers? The answer is simple.  You want sustainable success.  You want to enjoy the journey and you want to stop feeling like you’re lost or confused.

Life is short and you want to enjoy your family, day to day and moment to moment regardless of whether you’re building a side hustle, a multinational empire or a banging career.

The old school, school of thought that “you have to pay your dues” is so archaic.

This post will break down 4 tips/steps on conquering the invisible side of success so you too can crush it this fall (gotta think ahead my friend)

The past couple of weeks I’ve been chatting it up with some of you on how we all need to re-fuel and catch up on some much needed R&R.   I’ll be working from the beach house the whole summer so I can’t wait!  I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to to this every year.

I’ve also been getting a ton of questions about how we’re scaling Lady Savant online and I figured I would share everything we are doing as far as online marketing is concerned.

There’s so many fascinating things y’all are doing! It’s time to stop

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Embrace your superpowers & turn them into actual skills.

Every month in The Savant School we put together a Masterclass called “Behind The Scenes With The Coach” and we release a key from The Lady Savant Method. They are a powerful duo of content that will help you to grow your business and build a life rich in everything you want. In our Masterclasses you will find videos, workbooks, checklists and even some guided meditation audios! Check out the latest Masterclasses below.  You will get instant access when you upgrade your membership.

Creating a system for your social media posts is so important to the success of your business


Getting clear is truly the foundation for everything. When you become clear, insecurities melt away


In this course you will learn the foundation (and hacks) to becoming an amazing copywriter from


In this key we unlock the spiritual science, techniques and tools you need to learn before you