Have you ever heard of a jewelry concierge?  How cool does that sound?

There are so many new businesses waiting to be discovered (or created)!

If you have a specific expertise or you’ve been in an industry that you now know everything about and  you’ve been toying with the idea of creating a side hustle…have you thought about starting your own  concierge business?


In this video, you will meet Jalpa Pandit Merchant, Co-Founder of “Fifth and Fine.” Jalpa is a mom, lady boss and diamond savant who manifested her business into reality after going through some tough personal times.

What is a jewelry concierge you may ask?  Well, she does everything from finding the perfect diamonds (at a discounted price) or repurposing your old or broken pieces of jewelry into fabulous works of art.

See…there’s never any money problems, just idea problems.

Jalpa came up with this amazing concept after working many years of with David Yurman.  While she loved working in the industry, she wanted to create a  lifestyle that she loved as well.  She wanted to start a family, be the “hands on mom” and have the business of her dreams.

What is so interesting is that this business is not something common that you hear of everyday.

She is such a great example of how so many women are out there being creative and building new industries all together.

Jalpa had the passion,  experience and a great idea to help a specific market (fabulous women).  Combine all three and you have an exciting business idea with huge potential.

So many of us have passions, experiences, and dreams but we never put them all together.  All we need is a little bit of creativity mixed in with the ingredients above and there you go…a brand new business idea.

Be sure to watch the video above and find out “how” she created this magical business and manifested it to happen (she’s got a great manifestation story)!



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