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Hi, Mariel & Brandyn here!

Welcome again and thanks for stoping by.  You know…we created LSS, (a place where change, growth and MAGIC happens) to help you become soul-sufficient and build unlimited success in life and business.

Together we’ve passionately create a community that feels like a sanctuary and a high end learning platform for our friends (creative and highly motivated entrepreneurs, professionals and women who want to reinvent themselves) .

We became BFF’s and business partners a long time ago and a little secret (we weren’t living so magically when we first met).

Have you ever met someone under the strangest circumstances and then became super close with them?   That was us.  Life is funny that way and we’ll tell you more about our story at some point.

For now, you should know that Brandyn has 3 boys and Mariel has two and when we all get together under one roof, it’s the perfect storm!


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THE SAVANT LIBRARY IS MEANT TO GIVE YOU TOOLS to make you wiser, more creative, more zen and leaner in the midsection too.  Okay… maybe not the last one but you will definitely become more SAVANTish.

You will find:

  • Must Have Printables
  • Mini-Courses you can’t live without
  • Inspiration to keep you smiling and beautiful
  • Grow your beautiful self in soulfully chic ways from the inside out?



Get inspired, find creative solutions and deep insight to your business, career or creative projects. While you’re browsing around in our content, we’d also like to introduce you to a few friends too. They’re the kinda gals who make you feel energized every time you meet them. Here, they share their secret sauce..

In these blogs/interviews you will get:

  • Ideas

  • Inspiration

  • New perspectives

  • And maybe even a new friend!