Lady Savant Society and The Savant School is a movement of women on a mission to IGNITE & INSPIRE our “INNER SAVANT”.  We are a conscious collective of knowledge, resources and a community of women taking inspired action to build the life, business, conscious philanthropic movements and families of our dreams.


BUT, let’s be honest, life is hard.  Following your dreams can be messy and owning your brilliance in a world that constantly wants to put you into a “category” is scary.


Lady Savant Society & The Savant School is a place where women just like you learn how to ignite & inspire their inner savant, from the ground up and from the inside out.  We believe we all have that “inner savant” that know’s exactly what we need and how to get us there.  She’s brilliant, creative, unique and bold.  When she is inspired and ignited, there’s no end to what she can achieve!

WHO it’s for:

Women who want more out of life and who want to push themselves to discover and use their own unique brilliance.  She may be a business professional, a creative woman transitioning through different stages of her life, an entrepreneur, philanthropist.  Regardless of what her “title” may be, a Lady Savant is actively looking to succeed and she knows she sets the pace for her own life.  She is consciously evolving in whatever role she may hold and doing it successfully, mindfully and holistically are important to her because she’s discovered that happiness and success are not a one size fit’s all kind of a thing. She is an individual.

Our mission is to provide every woman with tools, resources, inspiration and an amazing community so that she can thrive and achieve her unique brilliant potential and succeed at anything she does.

When we have the tools, resources and connections we need, our creative projects, foundations, businesses, families, careers and lifestyles take on a deeper hue because we succeed and blossom into who we were always meant to be. -Mariel & Brandyn

The Savant school is a new way to learn, to build, to gather, to grow, to share, to co-work, collaborate and evolve together on a level that is almost impossible to attain working alone regardless of what your title is.

Our values:

We believe in being self-expressed through finding and nurturing our unique  gifts and talents.  

We embrace  creativity.

We embrace mindfulness, style, grace & freedom.

We are miracle-minded.

We believe in making things happen by taking inspired action.  

We believe in genuinely connecting with others.

We believe in love, self care and giving back.

Hi there, Mariel and Brandyn here.

We’re the founders and creators of Lady Savant Society and we’re so excited you stopped by! We’re BFF’s, ex-neighbors and business partners who have launched six businesses and a foundation which  helps empower the next generation. 

 It all started with a furniture painting hobby out of our garage that evolved over the years into a full blown community, learning platform and magazine for female entrepreneurs, just to name a few.  Oh…the stories we could tell you!

Let’s face it, coasting through life is easy but following your dreams IS NOT.  Whether you are: a philanthropist, you’re in a corporate career or you’re writing a book, launching a course, leading a team in a network marketing organization or you’re trying to transition into another part of your life…well, it’s hard.  We like to call it “the inspired journey” and the inspired journey is like a personal development program with a paycheck right? We totally know how overwhelming and isolating it can be.  Our mission is to help you manifest your dream from the bottom up and inside out.