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You’re going to a VIP party with all the top influencers in your niche.  You put on your favorite dress, the perfect heels and you’re best attitude.  When you arrive to the parking lot, you realize it’s packed.  You drive around the parking lot waiting to find a parking spot that’s close enough to the door (so you won’t ruin your gorgeous heels of course).   You realize this place is over crowded and now you have two choices: you can drive around the parking lot in frustration only to find a parking space at the far right corner of the parking lot  OR you can valet your car, walk in through the VIP door and go get a glass of Burgundy at the bar.

The choice has always been yours…

The Savant School is the valet of a crowded parking lot.

This parking lot is like the world of entrepreneurship and we both know (that lot) can be crowded, frustrating and draining!

You know life is short.

You don’t have time to waste watching endless videos on YouTube or attending  every free webinar out there that doesn’t even address your unique needs.  You live life to the fullest, you value your lifestyle, freedom and creating memories with the people you love.

We totally get it, which is why we’ve created a platform for you to get the customized solutions, creative feedback and the systems you need to make your journey amazing and the destination a total success.


The Savant School is not a “one-size fits all” approach to your business.  Your business is as unique as you are. Whether you are just starting out with a new business idea and need help monetizing your idea or you want to take your business to a new level, we’re here for you.  Maybe a group coaching program would be best for you right now.  Or maybe you want to take a deep dive for faster results on a particular aspect of your business through a VIP intensive workshop. Or maybe you want more individualized attention for you and your business over a period of time through a series of Coaching Sessions. We’ve got you covered!


Oh, the power that comes from bringing a group of brilliant, talented women together to share their goals and dreams in a creative mastermind setting.  As a lady boss, we need this! It’s a requirement for success.  We are hard-wired for connection and we need others around us to share and support our dreams. Share best practices, learn from top marketing gurus, collaborate and build your networks and connections.  The best ideas come from women supporting women. Be part of the conversation!


Let’s face it, if you could do it all alone, you would have done it already.  Sometimes we need guidance, a gentle push or a strong kick in the butt! Accountability is powerful.  Be part of a community of women who are all making it happen and getting it done. We help you find the support resources, tools, and systems that allow you to finally realize the business you’ve been dreaming of. Through our coaching programs and packages, you will have access to the amazing Savant School team of coaches but also access to top lady boss marketing gurus keeping you on top of the latest trends that impact your business. Let’s get started today!

What's our magic?

Our magic is igniting your inner savant with mindset tools, spiritual technology and creativity exercises that help you tap into your super powers so that you become powerfully YOU.

  • Self-confident

  • Soul sufficient

  • A badass lady boss who owns her niche and enjoys life on her terms.

We totally believe in you and will hold you as powerful every step of the way.

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Learn more about our team...

The dream team you’ll love.

We believe that you deserve customized solutions that are tailored to your unique definition of success and in order to deliver on that, we’ve curated the most talented team of women to help you get there.  We didn’t build our business alone and neither should you.   While Mariel Alvarado our Co-Founder architects and creates content for our signature programs such as The Inner CEO Platinum System, The Get It Done Method and The Creativity Breakthrough Method, Kanani Briggs the Director of The Savant School curates this content and organizes it all to be expertly delivered to you through tailored methods that fit your needs.  And none of this would be complete without our signature Creativity Circles led by Brandyn Randolph, our other Co-Founder and President of the Secret Savant Society.  Last but not least, we believe in giving back which is why every year we aim to build a physical SAVANT SCHOOL is different parts of the world through The Lady Savant Foundation which is spear headed by our talented Foundation President, Erin Lepone.  A percentage of every tuition helps us build schools in third world countries to help empower the next generation with the same tools and systems we teach here!

Savor your victory. Are you ready?...

You don’t have to figure it out on your own to become a self made rock star in your niche. We’ll help you with custom solutions and soul-inspired business tools to sky rocket your business and here’s how…

You’ll get done-for-you solutions, creativity circles and personalized support so you’ll feel confident and secure, knowing you can deliver amazing goodness in the world through your business.

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