How To Hack Your Negative Mental Programs That Are Getting in The Way of Getting What Your Want

How To Hack Your Negative Mental Programs That Are Getting in The Way of Getting What Your Want


We are all  running so many “programs in our minds” at all times.

These programs are in us from infancy sometimes.  Some of them are written into our DNA and others are written in there through various traumas (those sucky times we all go through).

What is a program you might ask….?

A program is something like this: When X happens I’m supposed to feeI Y.

These programs create so much havoc!  Some of them create:

  • Negative self talk
  • Inability to receive

Unfortunately, both of these create self sabotage when we want to MANIFEST our goals 🙁

So, we have to really become aware of these self imposed limitations if we want to become manifestation rock stars.

The first thing we have to recognize is that the universes has SO MANY different channels of delivery, IT’S INSANE (not literally…wink :)!

For example, let me ask you this (and comment below because I’m super curious…)

When is the last time you asked the universe for something but it came to you in a super unexpected way?

Sometimes when we ask for things…but our limited imagination expects them to happen through certain channels that we’re familiar with and when they unexpectedly come from somewhere else, we push our gift away because our “internal program” tells us we are not worthy or we don’t recognize the channel its coming from.

It’s like expecting a package to be delivered through FedEx but the sender decided to use USPS and an envelope that blends in with all your bills!

So how do we break these terrible habits and programs?

When you ask for something, you have to be open to receiving it (from whatever channel it comes from).  You also have to expect to be surprised a little.

For example, if  you asked for a trip (like Lois in this video) and all of a sudden one of your clients calls you to invite you (all expenses paid).  What do you say?

So many of us would say, “Oh no…I can’t accept that!!” Is this you?

BUT…What if saying “NO” was you actually denying that person of the pleasure of giving?

In this interview with Lois Kramer-Perez you will learn some cool hacks on what to do if you see a three-deeded martian with a machine gun coming your way!! (that’s an inside joke you will get when you watch the video 🙂

If you want to skip around the video here are some topics we cover:

Negative Self Talk  min 3:24

How To Switch Your Gears  min 5:39

How To Do Something About It  min 6:40

The MC Hammer Hack   min 7:37


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