4 Ways To Conquer The Invisible Side Of Success, Re-fuel Your Soul And Re-energize Your Marketing Plan

4 Ways To Conquer The Invisible Side Of Success, Re-fuel Your Soul And Re-energize Your Marketing Plan

Hi friends,  it’s Mariel!

The past couple of weeks I’ve been chatting it up with some of you on on how we all need some much needed R&R!

I’ll be working from the beach the whole summer so honestly, I’m the first to say,  “I can’t wait”!

I think about all the goals I set out to accomplish on New Years and boy…it’s been busy around here.  Between our foundation, launch of the new magazine and creating/curating content for The Savant School, I can barely catch my breath.  Thank GOD I love what I do. But honestly, between NYE and Memorial Day it all seems like a blur right? Are you with me on this one?


But hey, the good news is that…SUMMER IS HERE and we have a plan to R&R and get IT DONE while we’re at it.

So heres a good question for you: Do you know what you need to get done this summer in order to achieve your goals this year?


Well, here’s a thought.  We believe you need to  re-energize your soul, revisit your goals (and create a 90 day game plan) and you should get acquainted with some super soulfully chic, miracle marketing tools that are going to make your life easier, not harder.


I’ve been getting a ton of questions about how we’re scaling Lady Savant Society online and I figured I would share everything we are doing with you.


I’ve been hearing some seriously fascinating things y’all want to do.  It’s time to stop being afraid of marketing and technology.  I know it’s intimidating but without it, truthfully, I wouldn’t be able to work from the beach or travel or work-out (or any of it). So I’m embraceing it and so should you.


This is why we are having a Summer Challenge and we are calling it: The Invisible Side Of Success Summer Challenge!


This post will break down 4 ways you can conquer the invisible side of success so you too can crush it in your business!



Do You Feel Me HERE? 

  • Summer goes by so fast…
  • Kids are home or going to summer camp…you either have too much time or not enough
  • You’ll be traveling…yay! (so will I)
  • It’s easy to put your goals on pause in the summer…(the sad truth)
  • You feel “ehh” because you haven’t made the progress you’d hope to make this year… (only half way done though!)
  • Not knowing where to start with MARKETING got in the way of reaching your goals…
  • “Technology-overwhelm” got in the way of reaching your goals…
  • You’ve gotten a few NO’s and that has you bummed out…
  • You just need to reset…BIG TIME…


OKAY, I get it.  But while you’re sipping on some bubbly in the warm sun, DON’T freeze your goals my friend.

Summer is the perfect time to re-energize your soul and re-fuel your marketing strategy.  There are miracle marketing tools we’ve been adopting and that you should have access to as well.

I’ll be sharing them with you in our challenge in bite size (but powerful) step-by-step chunks.  Click HERE if your want to join us for our FREE summer challenge.  It’s all going to be via email so you can work on this (beach side or while you’re traveling too).



There are invisible factors that will determine your success in life!  These invisible factors should be taught in grade school but since they’re not, now’s the time to own them.

You can learn all the marketing tools, mind hacks and anything else but if you don’t learn what the invisible side of success is, it’s like walking in the dark…and my friend, I believe you deserve to strut around in the light!


What happens on the outside is determined by what happens on the inside.  The fruits of your hustle are directly related to your inner hustle.  Take care of that and you will see your outer world transform before your gorgeous eye lashes!



Marketing your business is an art and technology is intimidating and overwhelming.  However, if you want to have a life and not miss those precious years of your little monkeys…you need to kick butt in this department.  There is no way of scaling a business without a solid marketing systems.



Step 1.   Watch what’s going in your mouth and what’s coming out of it too.

Confession and something you might not have known about me:  I’m a trained wine snob (just a little) and therefore I love my wine and cheese… Wine and cheese pleeeeeze!!

But the bottom line is…they are acidic and I don’t operate at optimal levels when this is the source of my diet.

As a creative entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses ( I LOVE)… I’m a busy gal.  I don’t work out every day (2-3 X week) is plenty for me. So how I fuel my body is uber-important for top performance and mental clarity.  I love creating new systems, content and networking,  so my time is precious and so is yours!   Gotta take care of number one first, your gorgeous body vehicle!

I’ve had those times when I run on empty by eating the wrong foods consistently and I just don’t perform at my best.

So the first step really is to take a step back and fuel yourself with goodness and (I don’t mean counting calories or carbs)!  Counting calories and carbs is mentally exhausting. Don’t use your energy that way.

I believe feeding yourself intuitively is the key.  But what does that mean?  Eating intuitively means being in tune with what your body wants and craves (and I don’t mean ice cream). When you connect with your body in a way where you know what nutrients and foods your body is craving  it’s a whole other level of “GOOD”.

Unfortunately when we are used to processed foods, our body craves processed foods. So try to look past those initial cravings and you will find that your “inner body savant” actually craves other REAL food.

Also, stay super hydrated and smile a lot.  Smiling is contagious and it actually exercises your brain believe it or not (so does yawning by the way).

I have a list of books we will share in our free summer challenge which talk more about this if you’re interested.


What comes out of your mouth is just as important as what goes in.  Your words are powerful!!!! If you speak negativity you will make that a reality.  You can be proactive with your words or reactive, it’s always our choice.

For example if you wake up one day feeling tired and you verbalize “I’m so tired…I feel like crap” you are basically making that your reality.  On the other hand if  you stop yourself from saying that and instead you say “At least I woke up today, I’m going to jump in the shower to shake this off, ” you are now being proactive and you are shifting your energy.  You’re in the driver seat my friend.  OWN IT!



While your’e relaxing this summer, try to work on this muscle. If it’s too tight (have a sip of your margarita).

Here’s a little exercise you can start with.

Imagine being in the best shape of your life.  You’re excited to wake up and get your day going. You feel confident, healthy and fearless.  You’ve created a healthy stream of income doing something you love and, not only do you contribute to the world- you also contribute to your family in ways you used to only dream of.  You’ve even booked a vacation for them with money from your own heart-hustle. You’re happy and at peace because you have the freedom and time to play with the people that make your heart sing.   You’re independent, gutsy and your intuition is off the charts.

That’s right sista. This is what you deserve!  How does that feel, smell, taste? Where are you taking your family on vacation?

This is visualization.

It will either be easy and fun or it can be tricky.  BUT I PROMISE YOU…THIS (your imagination & visualization muscles) ARE THE KEY!

I can’t stress to you enough how important visualization is.  Your inner landscape is so powerful.  When you change the way something looks, feels and tastes on the inside, the outside changes!! That’s magic my friend. It’s crazy that we are trained to ignore this.  We tend to think it’s the other way around.  We are trained to believe that if  we change our outer reality our inner reality will change…bahhhhhh!  This is the old-school and reactive way to live. You deserve better.

There seem to be two ways of “seeing” or visualizing. Some people have a highly developed visual sense and see as clearly within as they see in outer reality. Others, don’t but can still describe details of the scene. They describe their way of seeing as “imagining,” “knowing,” “getting a mental picture,” or “seeing with the mind’s eye.”   Whatever your form is…it’s all good!

Accept whatever you see when you are visualizing or meditating, however you see it.

Don’t compare your meditations or visual experiences with others. You are unique.

See as you see. Often, as you meditate for a length of time, clear and colorful visual images will appear more real to you with practice.


STEP 3. Go back to your goals from the beginning of the year and…

Since it’s summer, it’s time to reignite and commit to achieving what we set out to do.  It’s time to commit to finishing the year off strong! Ask yourself why you still want those unmet goals to manifest.  What’s the real reason? Then make a list of everything you DON’T WANT.  Maybe you don’t want some of the things you thought you did.  Be honest with yourself.   I always know what I want more clearly by knowing what I don’t want.

Also, consider making a new list of things you want to achieve before you DIE.  I know it may seem a little morbid but trust me…when we put it in terms of “before I die” (at least for me) my wheels start to turn.

After you do that, prioritize the top 5 things you want to focus on.  Then, think about one BIG goal you want to achieve in the next 90 days. This summer you can break it down to achieving one big thing that gets you closer to your goal ever week.  If you decide to join us for our challenge, we’ll take you through it ourselves!

Getting clear is hard and there are different degrees of clarity. Sometimes you only need to be clear about the big picture and the next simple step you need to take.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with thinking of everything.  In order to achieve that BIG goal, you need to focus on achieving the small goals that will get you there. 

We have an entire class in the Savant School dedicated to getting super-clear.  We will share this in our Free Summer Challenge as well.



So now you have a rockin foundation to start with.  Now, let’s talk MARKETING.

UGH…the M-word that so many people dread!!!

I know, it’s not easy.  It can be overwhelming and make you feel hopeless.


GOOD marketing is COMPLETELY INTUITIVE and that’s why I call it Miracle Marketing.

It does the selling for you without making you feel icky and needing to take a shower.

I was a marketing and communication major.  I’ve been around it for most part of my adult life and when I tell you that the day I realized how “intuitive” good marketing is…I was like…DUH?!!

You see, we tend to make things way harder than they need to be.

Here’s one miracle marketing tip to start with (and that most people ignore).  Ready?

  • Close your eyes and imagine who your favorite customer is.
  • What does he/she look like? What do they like to do? What is her day like with her family? What keeps her up at night.  Step into her shoes and give her a name.  You see, you are going to use your visualization muscles again.  Write down all theses questions you can possibly think of on a piece of paper.
  • Then, close your eyes decide that you’re going to have a conversation with her at the cafe.  You are going to ask her all of these questions for a full 20 mins.
  • When you open your eyes start writing down all the answers to your questions based on what you saw in your mind.
  • Write the first things that comes to mind (silly or not).  You can decipher and make sense of everything later.

We’ll be going through a lot of these Miracle Marketing Tools with you in our summer challenge if you want to join us join us here.

My friend, you deserve to strut your stuff at this years New Year’s Eve party.  Don’t put your goals on pause this summer!





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