How To Spot A Miracle In Your Life So That You Keep Doing More Of What Works

How To Spot A Miracle In Your Life So That You Keep Doing More Of What Works


When is the last time you had a miracle happen and what is a miracle any way, right?

A miracle is something that is a divine happening.  It’s effortless.  It brings amazing power and light and you deserve to create miracles EVERYDAY in every area of your life.

In this interview Lois gives us so many hacks into how to create miracles and the good news is that everyone has the capacity to create these little suckers every day!

You just need to learn  how to spot the things you’re doing in your life already to create them or just learn how to get started.

When you become a miracle-making mama…your life, business, charity, career, (whatever it is) is going to change!

Nope,  not exaggerating at all.

When you get a miracle you think “how could that have happened?”

In this interview you’re going to learn exactly how to deconstruct it so that you can create miracles at will.

It’s important to learn how to spot miracles because it gives us validation that what we’ve been doing all along is what we need to continue doing. How we live our life every day prepares us to create miracles OR on the other side, chaos.

So here are some questions you can start asking yourself today:

  • How do you talk to yourself?
  • What do you think about constantly?
  • Ask yourself if your feeling is yours or if it’s somebody else’s…


The conversations we have with ourselves are often the most important.  It’s important that we know we are not our thoughts or our feelings and we don’t have to become them.

However, our mind can’t distinguish if something is a memory or if it’s actually really happening.   A memory or imagination is just as powerful as a live event.  So, it’s really important you understand this concept because the miracles that we manifest are directly tied to this.

When you fake it till you make it you are training yourself to actually making things happen. – Lois Kramer-Perez

In this interview with Lois, (who happens to be a savant at the art of demystifying the mystical), we talk about how we can all become miracle-manifesting machines.

The key is gaining the confidence to believe that you deserve miracles and are entitled is the key!

Three simple steps when you need a miracle:

  1. Deny the fear
  2. Decide that you will not accept IT or that you absolutely have to HAVE IT
  3. Become super focused and intent

If you do these three things, your superpowers needed to manifest your miracle will just show up.  Try it, it works.


NOW…If you really want to learn how to do it, watch this interview.  Everything Lois shares with us is SOOOO good!



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