How To Transition From Corporate Into Your Own Boutique Marketing Agency


I’m so excited to introduce you to Sandra Scaiano who shares with us how she transitioned out of a corporate marketing career into owning her own boutique digital marketing agency, Sandra Scaiano Web Design and Brand Strategy.

Sandra is a happy, vibrant and (super sweet) mom-preneur who is rocking it.  She has two beautiful children and like most entrepreneurs with babies…she manages to get it all done.

I loved hanging out with her for the day as we created a Behind The Scenes With The Coach course for The Savant School focused on The 4 Must Haves Every Website Should Have.  My head was spinning after we finished!

After all, after nearly 5 maybe 6 websites in 4 years…I know the perils and intricacies of building a digital blueprint for your business AKA (website) .  You can build a great one or a sucky one but with these 4 must-haves…there’s no doubt in my mind you will build a super successful one.

So what are the 4 Must Have’s?

  1. Clarity of Message
  2. Calls To Action
  3. Security
  4. SEO

We did a quick FB Live here regarding the 4 Must Haves For A Successful Website

However, if you want to learn How She Did It, check out the video on this page.

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