How To Turn Your Broken Heart Into Art

How To Turn Your Broken Heart Into Art


If you’ve ever gone through something traumatic and have come out on the other side…I’m sure you’ve thought of sharing your learnings with others to help them go through a smoother ride, right?

I have to say, it’s part of being an bada$$ woman 🙂

Every now and then we all go through unthinkable things in life because lets face it, that’s just LIFE! While we’re going through it all most of us ask ourselves what the purpose of so much heartache might be until one day you’re in a coffee shop with a friend, helping him/her go through the same thing you went through. Then, all of a sudden you hear yourself spew out all this knowledge and wisdom.  “WOW, that felt good” you think to yourself.

So you take a deep breath and you come the the realization that there was a purpose after all.  All of a sudden, you embrace how cathartic it is to help someone else and you want to help more people.

Congratulations. You just took your broken heart and you turned it into art (thank you Meryl Streep for saying this at the Golden Globes this year)!

And what an art it is!!! Helping others is special because only YOU can share your learnings in your own unique way, so take a deep breath and give yourself a great big hug.

Now, you should probably consider sharing more of those hard earned lessons with others.  You can create a course, a podcast or membership site.  You can do it for profit, hobby or a “jobby” too! It’s all up to you.

“Oh but the market is so crowded,” you might say.

Wrong.  There is someone out there who needs your gift in exactly the measure and size you would deliver it in.

So close your eyes and say, “I’m going to help women go through what I went through in a much easier way.”  How does it feel to say that?

If it feels good, then it’s time to share your superpower with the world.

Let me introduce you to Tasha Blasi, Founder & Creator of the FU Project.  After going through 10 fresh rounds of IVF, Tasha came to this realization and she now helps women who are trying to get pregnant by arming them with knowledge and support. She created an online course, The Patient To Patient Guide To IVF which includes  38 videos and a workbook.

So how did she do it? Check out this video (which is raw and real) where she shares her journey and advice on how to create a course or content to share with the world.


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