Superpowers And How Culture Trumps Strategy

Superpowers And How Culture Trumps Strategy


We recently hosted a live Lunch & Learn and our amazing expert speaker was Janet Kraus, Cofounder and CEO of Peach which is a fabulous line of Athleisure and under garment clothing built in a direct marketing business model.

Janet is also an ex-Harvard Business School Professor, a mother of twin girls and a devotee of Positive Psychology .

During our Lunch and Learn Janet shared with us a special workshop to help us find our superpowers and a few tips straight from her super-genius mind!

You see, we believe that every woman has 13 super-abilities (we call superpowers) and the Positive Psychology method we explored with Janet has 24 character strengths.   It was so much fun learning more about something we love and believe in so much.  Truly, it was  a match made in heaven!

Here’s what you can do to learn more about your superpowers:

  1. Check out our 13  Lady Savant Superpowers HERE.
  2. Take a Positive Psychology quiz HERE to find out what your character strengths are

AND…. comment below and let us know what your character strengths are…so curious! My biggest strength was Creativity.

Also, would you be interested in building an amazing business? If so…read on. I promise it’s not a pitch.

During our two and half hours together, Janet said something that stuck with me about her learnings while being a professor at the Harvard Business School.

“Company culture trumps strategy.”

I loved this! So I thought I’d share with you

One huge step (and example) on how you too can build a strong culture in your business.

  1. Adopt a belief system that is true to YOU and imbed it in every part of your business.  In the case of Peach, it’s Positive Psychology.  From their stylist to consumers, every person that comes in contact with the Peach brand knows WHO this company is based on their culture and beliefs .  Selling cool Athleisure clothes and undergarments is just WHAT they do (and they do very well) but, it’s not who they are.

I think this is BRILLIANT!

For example, every time someone orders something, they get a journal and inspirational instructions on how to tap into a particular superpower.

How cool is that?

We say bravo! You see, in a time when so many new brands are emerging and some are building personal brands too, one thing is true for both; be authentic and know who you are and what your brand stands for.  After all, your brand (personal or not) should reflect your values also, not just what you sell.  This is what makes authentic brand voices, BEING TRUE TO YOU.





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  • I loved this lunch! I learned so much. My character strength: Kindness

    Linda Plastina Reply

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