Are you tired of being the best kept secret?

Are you ready to scale up your

business online so that you can

reach thousands of people instead

of just your local friends and family?

There’s an online/digital formula

waiting to be implemented by those

brave entrepreneurs who want to go big.

If learned and implemented, it will do

all the selling for you and will give you the

freedom and lifestyle you want and deserve.

Learning this formula and process is

intimidating, overwhelming and lonely

which is why we created

The Lady Savant

Miracle Marketing Lab – Mastermind

so that we can all do it together.



An intimate group of women creating and digitally

launching their dreams…their product or service



Do you need to digitally launch a program, a product or service BUT you feel:

a. Totally Overwhelmed

b. Uneducated (who knows how do this?)

c. Out Of Creative Ideas On How To Design Your Launch or Promote It

d. Feel Completely ALONE or LOST

If you can relate to any of those feelings above...

We get it.
It's so confusing and so overwhelming and who has time to research
this or the MONEY to pay someone to do it for you?

So, we decided to do something about it.

We went back to our ROOTS...

...and decided we needed to do a in-depth

mastermind with like-minded women

that are digitally launching their business too.



a. An easy system and formula to follow so you don’t create overwhelm for yourself


b. Knowledge from experts and I mean “BIG DADDY” experts that can easily teach us and we can teach you as we go

(we have been studying this like crazy).


c.  Creative ideas from other successful women that will brainstorm with you to give your online marketing a real EDGE


d.  Not feeling alone at this because we will all be in this together…otherwise you will put it off till next year. NO!

We could all just buy expensive on-line programs

(and we have actually done just that)….but what we found was:

It’s SUPER expensive

You receive no feedback on ideas or suggestions when you need it the most

You have no intimate relationships formed

You don’t get perspectives from people who truly CARE and UNDERSTAND


This is the way it’s going down:

For the duration of 3 Months, we are meeting 3 times a month (1 in person and two online). You will:

  • Learn the process and system.  There will also be a live expert to hold our hand while we learn & get things done. You will get assignments that will move your launch forward every step of the way.

  • Discuss and brainstorm ideas because now you are not alone!

  • LAUNCH Digitally online TOGETHER

Here are just a few things you will be learning and masterminding on…

  • How to BUILD a List of raving fans (best email systems, the psychology of writing emails/copy, creating your lead magnate, creating your squeeze page)
  • Creating a sequence of email funnels to free up your time and create connection
  • Defining your Avatar and creating  a powerful digital offering for YOUR niche 
  • Learn and implement the digital launch process. (we are co-creating our launches together)
  • Building your Social Media influence and to build your list with it
  • Learn the power of story telling (content creation, powerful sales letters and launching through story telling)
  • Using video and getting good at it without hiring someone out all the time workshop Launch sequences

You might be saying to yourself…

I don’t have the money to do this…

I don’t have the TIME to do this…

I’m nervous that I wont succeed…

I can just pay someone else to do it for me….

Well, let us put this into perspective for you:

  1. The value you are getting is unparalleled to any other program you could buy (trust us…we’ve bought them all)
  2. How much is your time worth?  Seriously…we asked ourself the same question.  How much IS your time worth…quick formula…how much an hour do you think you worth?  And times that by how long you think it will take to figure out this formula PLUS running your business??
  3. If you have the right tools and peers/mentors to help you along the way, you can’t loose.
  4. You could pay someone else to do the whole launch for you.  But what if you launch another product or program, are you willing to pay someone again thousands of dollars?

PLUS…you will be part of our behind the scenes documentary…




We only  have TWO requirements: you must have an idea that scales, and be personally committed to growth and their team. That’s it!

Mastermind Begins 4/5!

Email info@ladysavant.com to reserve your spot and to set up a call.

Space is extremely limited-first come first serve.