Platinum Membership: LIVE (in-person)Membership for lady bosses who live in NY or NJ?

Hi there!

Are you looking to be part of a tribe of amazing, mindful lady bosses who are as passionate about building their business as you?  If so then you’re in luck because we meet live in NYC and NJ  through our masterminds and power breakfasts.  If you are looking for a group of women who are eager to connect, collaborate and simply help each other out; Lady Savant Society will inspire you to step out of you comfort zone and step into the inner circle of this amazing community of brilliant women.

What You Will Get:

  • Access to masterminds in NYC and NJ
  • Access to Power Breakfasts
  • Access to Private FB group “The Think Tank”
  • Access to online courses in THE SAVANT SCHOOL.


See you on the other side!