Connect, Work, Play &
Pay it Forward

with visionary, high-level, creative and passionately committed women on the same path to independence and a life they love-just like you.

The Secret Savant Society is a selective group of influential women that are socially and spiritually conscious. The mission or purpose of Secret Savant Society is to collectively “pay it forward” to other women by connecting, opening doors for others, building genuine relationships and offering opportunities,resources and our networks to one another.

"The best relationships-the ones that last-are the ones deeply rooted in friendships where we become the heroine in each others stories"-Mariel & Brandyn

Why join the Secret Savant Society?

While connecting virtually in our private forums is AMAZING, our Secret Society “live” events form business partnerships and lifelong friendships.

The club provides a unique platform for members to connect and collaborate freely through a private forum, personal one-to-one introductions and exclusive events hosted by Secret Savant Society and our members.

We understand that successful women are busy individuals and our community does not rely on the regular attendance of events or a commitment to activities.

We are a trusted circle of businesswomen, entrepreneurs, leaders and pioneers.

We welcome all industries.  Our current members include doctors, fashion designers, movie producers, franchise owners, editors/publishers, coaches, founders, philanthropists, professionals, etc.  

Benefits of joining the Secret Savant Society

Lady Savant Secret Society is by invitation and application only.  Upon acceptance into the club, you will get:

** Monthly Signature Mixers

** EXCLUSIVE HIGH LEVEL MASTERMINDS unique to on-line businesses and marketing (live and on-line).

** Access to PRIVATE high-level events, dinners and parties.

** PR opportunities within Lady Savant and other channels.

** Immediate access to all Lady Savant Society platforms.

** Meet successful women from a wide range of industries ranging from media and fashion to finance and philanthropy.

** Discover new partners and clients and explore collaborations.

** Promote your work, business or project to an influential circle of professional women.  

** Opportunities to exchange stories and learn from other members’ unique experiences.

** Opportunities to give back.

Past Events

Become a “Founding Member” today! Please fill out the application below and choose your preferred payment option.   We will schedule a call after this is done to make sure it’s a good match.  See you on the other side!

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