You're a smart, motivated and highly creative woman...

You know what it takes to be successful because you’ve done it many times before.


You’ve been invited to a friends home for a dinner party.  The woman to your right just created her own Amazon Series.  The woman to your left owns the hottest boutique in town.  The woman across from you was just written about in Forbes.  Welcome to the Secret Savant Society!

We are committed to BRINGING BACK the way women connect because something special happens when like minded women come together over a glass of wine and good conversation.  Businesses are born, collaborations are created and friendships are solidified.

The Secret Savant Society is a private boutique "SOCIAL" club for driven and influential women who want to build a genuine network of friends and continue growing professionally and personally.

We connect, open doors, offer opportunities, and curate experiences to help you thrive as a working woman. We also open our networks to one another, because who you know matters just as much as what you know!

We are BRINGING BACK the way women connect.

We’ve learned that connecting with other women while “playing” actually creates trust and memories.  Sign up for Secret Savant Society NEWS.

Yes, Please!


Magic happens when the universe brings together women who have big goals and big hearts.  Connect in person and online with influencers, philanthropists, inventors, professionals and entrepreneurs who understand your vision, have big goals and want to share their gifts and networks with you!  You will be inspired by the meaningful conversations you’ll have with women you’ll see often and will soon call friends.


You work hard and now it’s time to play.  Enjoy some downtime and relax at our themed private monthly mixers, outings, dinner parties and retreats. Whether we’re dining at a private residence or at a trendy restaurant, you are sure to bump into some super secret and exciting guests you’ll be happy to toast with.  Put on your favorite heels and get ready to escape your every day routine into an elegant and fun girls night or trip.


Get those creative ideas out of your head and put them out into the universe!  Stop feeling confused or stuck.  Two heads are better than one and ten are better than two.  Our masterminds are in depth and guided by our Co-founder and business coach Mariel Alvarado.  With the valuable feedback and solid marketing advice you get, you will walk away more confident, clear and empowered to get your business, project or career to the next level.


We share our gifts with each other.  As an SSS member you will be able to showcase your brand and your story in our Savant Shop.  AND…since we are constantly vetting brands who offer unique one of a kind opportunities and things that fit your lifestyle and unique tastes, you will receive special discounts and perks you’ll love!  Need a one-on-one, custom, business or marketing plan or advice? No problem. You’ll get priority treatment and special rates to private coaching and Lady Savant workshops.  We got you girl.


Whether you’re featured as our monthly savant or your products are featured in The Savant Shop, we want to help you grow and get noticed in your niche!  We have members in all the right places.  From bloggers to producers and PR agents to local goddesses who know everyone in town.  Don’t be surprised when we make personal introductions so that you connect with the right people.  Our goal is to spotlight your brand and share your personal story through our targeted channels!


We love to give back. In fact, many of our members are doing incredible things in the world.   We even have our own foundation, The Lady Savant Foundation where our mission is to empower the next generation.  We are passionate and committed to making an impact in our community and the world.  So, if you’re passionate about giving back or you would like to start or elevate your own foundation, we are here to help you make that a reality!

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