By Mariel Alvarado

One of the common mistakes 90% of my clients make is not focusing on their marketing and solely relying on referrals. No wonder they feel stuck and like they can’t move forward and I totally get it  because I’ve been there!!


If you are spending 60% or more of your time doing admin work, chances are you’re not working ON your business. Juggling all the balls (not to mention the family errands) is hard when you’re a lady-preneur!!


But the truth is if you’re an expert/consultant/therapist and you’re not focusing regular time into marketing you will NEVER have control over how many people you can help and you will never gain financial freedom.

It’s way easier to get clients than you think and after all, that should be the goal in MARKETING.   


So start by consciously blocking out time to work ON your business and create value marketing so that people actually WANT to work with you.

Here are three more areas, in my opinion, that you must fix before you start focusing on getting new clients:

1. Pricing

Stop charging by the hour and instead charge based on value.  The BTH model is so old school, counterproductive and in my opinion is only for rookies.  You, my gorgeous friend, are totally past that. Instead of focusing on what your hourly rate is, answer these two questions:

  • ” How can I get my clients results ASAP?”  
  • Now…how much do you think getting RESULTS is worth to them?  


It’s worth mentioning that identifying your ideal niche is also a priority but we’ll talk about that another time…


2. Create your signature system

Most experts get taught the fundamentals of their crafts and then they pass on their learnings to their clients.  BUT, in order to become an authority in your field you will have to sprinkle your craft with YOUR VERY OWN FAIRY DUST because let’s be honest… you’re not the only one in your market.  Setting yourself apart is going to require you documenting what makes your craft YOURS.

3.  Stop working with clients who aren’t in your ideal niche

This is hard…I KNOW.  I recently did this and I have to admit… it FELT SO GOOD!  Actually here’s the story.  One day I made a conscious decision in my car that I was going to have “the talk” with this particular client.  Honestly, I just didn’t feel like I was working in my zone of genius with him. He originally hired me to do a different kind of consulting and since he was a friend and he paid me very well, I took on the gig.  The problem is that every time I worked with him I felt drained (not because I didn’t like him, I totally did, I just wasn’t working in my zone of genius).


You see, in my opinion, working outside of your zone of genius is not good time management.  You could just as well be spending that time getting energized by doing something that feels amazing to you and that has amazing results for your client.  IT’S A CHOICE we can make.

Of course, there’s a lot of mindset work that goes into feeling this level of confidence.  We’ll talk about that later…


Here’s the thing…there’s so many things you can do to get new clients fast.

But right now I suggest taking a deep breath and letting go of the idea of being PERFECT.  Focus on working ON your business, delivering RESULTS to  your clients and keeping the right foot in front of the other.


Let me know if this resonated with you!

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