What Are Your 13 Lady Savant Superpowers?

Imagine being in the best shape of your life.  You’re excited to wake up and get your day going. You feel confident, healthy and fearless.  You’ve created a healthy stream of income doing something you love and, not only do you contribute to the world- you also contribute to your family in ways you used to only dream of.  You’re happy and at peace because you now have the freedom and time to play with the people that make your heart sing.   You’re independent, gutsy and your intuition is off the charts.  Congratulations on mindfully building a conscious business and life!  You’ve probably tapped into some pretty awesome inner resources.

You see, this may seem like a dream come true but success is not something that happens over night or by accident.  Also, sustainable success doesn’t happen just because you learn a few marketing tricks.  Being successful (especially as an entrepreneur) is all about mindset, confidence and knowledge of how to tap into your inner resources.

You have superpowers.  When you tap into them you develop skills and your natural talents blossom.  The problem with most women is that they don’t know how to use these superpowers and most women never even dreamed of being entrepreneurs.

For most women there are two basic motivations to becoming an entrepreneur (even if they never dreamed of it).  The first motivation is to make money which give us the freedom to contribute to our family and community. The second motivation is self-fulfillment, a spiritual and emotional sense of purpose.  Entrepreneurs live where this spirituality and business intersect.  Someone once told me that entrepreneurship is basically a personal development program with a paycheck and boy was he right!

So what are those “superpowers” you might ask?

Lets pretend you’re going on a road trip somewhere special…



would be your GPS. It’s the map. When you develop your “vision” muscle, you develop your ability to know where things are headed because you see things happen before they’re ever even planned.  You know how to get super clear about things…super fast.



power is the ignition  key that turns your car on. Your ability and consent have to be given in order to make anything happen.  Your ability to direct your will power in any direction you choose is the first step in getting what you want.



are the fuel your car needs to move. Your ability to infuse your emotions with love, makes your car run smoothly.  When emotions are infused with fear (your fuel will be consumed faster or your car will break down from wrong fuel).



Is your steering wheel.  Your ability to direct your focus determines where you ultimately end up. Where ever you turn to is where the whole car is going.  Your Focus is your steering wheel.



is your inner compass.   Your ability to listen to that soft voice that speaks to you and guides you is so important.  It can warn you if there’s danger ahead or if you should make a stop at the next rest stop for souveniers.  It’s the language used by your Inner Savant.



is you wind shield.  Your ability to perceive the truth and positivity in all situations determines the outcomes you get in life.  If you never take the time to pull over to wash your windshield your view is hazy. You will get tired faster and you wont enjoy the view as much as you could if it was clean and clear.



and the ability to tap into and cultivate your inner resources determine your outer resources.  Every road trip requires resources.


Creativity & imagination

is your tool box in the trunk of your car waiting to be discovered.  Your ability to use those tools will help you solve many problems.  It will also make the trip beautiful and enjoyable if you choose to see what’s inside.



is a combination of your voice, the way you think and how people react to you.  It is your ability to bring people along on your trip or to get help along the way if you need it.   It’s a power but it’s also a gift to be used fairly, with grace and love.  When your influence grows, your resources grow as well.



is the ability to connect with another being.  It produces instant joy and makes the journey worthwhile.  You will meet many travelers on your road trip.  Being able to connect well with others also helps increase your influence, abundance of all kinds and wellbeing.



is the ability to know and believe something you can’t see yet.  It is the knowledge that you are going to get to your various destinations safely and in perfect time (no matter what happens).  It’s the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  Faith produces magic.



Is what we are all made of. It is everywhere and our ability to tap into it and sprinkle it into everything we do is a superpower. Your love is what created the dream to go on this road trip to begin with.


YOU (your Inner Savant)

This is not an ability.  Your inner savant is that part of every person that is pure light, knowledge, love and peace. However, your ability to tap into your Inner Savant is everything because this part of you has all the answers, resources, peace, love, freedom and pretty much everything you need. This is your higher self.

When you tap into your superpowers, the world becomes a playground of limitless possibilities!

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